Commercial Photographer Cardiff

Collaborating with Owen

Working in a close partnership and developing a strong, honest and two way relationship is vital when investing in photography for your business. If you think you’d like to start a dialogue, arrange an informal phone, skype or face to face meeting please complete the contact form found here.

The first stage is usually a discussion about your organisation’s marketing objectives and communication aims and how photography fits into that plan. Having a versatile approach to the technicalities of photography and being a master of the creative use of lighting, image capture and post production means you’re guaranteed fantastic looking results that’ll fit your organisation’s needs.

A heavy investment in not only camera and lens equipment but hardware, software, backup systems and online delivery capability means Owen’s professional approach will match that of your business.

It’s not all serious though. Owen prides himself on being personable and fun, fitting well into formal as well as informal events and has an ability to always make his subjects feel at ease and clients feel in control of the process and results.